How to Place an Order on JioMart WhatsApp – A Step-by-Step Guide

Facebook’s WhatsApp will now act as a bridge to place Order on Jio Mart. After getting 9.9% stake in Jio, Facebook planned to grow WhatsApp business in India using JioMart WhatsApp. So, Jio is integrating WhatApp with JioMart for order purpose.

Facebook and Jio has signed ₹ 43,574 Cr deal in April 2020. After which Facebook gets 9.9% ownership in Reliance Jio. So it’s a golden opportunity for them to grow WhastsAspp business in such a big market.

JioMart WhatsApp

Though there would be a very tough competition for shopping websites like Amazon & Flipkart.

It’s not only beneficial for WhatsApp but for Customers too. Placing Order using JioMart WhatsApp is so easy like it never before. To know how, please go ahead.

How to Place Order on JioMart: JioMart WhatsApp

At present, JioMart is catering services to Navi Mumbai, Kalyan & Thane. People have started placing orders and buying groceries. At present, placing order online using JioMart WhatsApp order booking number, is available, but need to collect groceries from shop.

But express & home delivery will also start once the Jio Mart app gets rolled.

  • Feed JioMart WhatsApp number i.e “88500 08000” to your contacts.
  • Please turn on your mobile’s internet and refresh WhatsApp.
JioMart WhatsApp
  • Send a “Hi” message to the saved Jio Mart WhatsApp number.
  • You will get a Welcome message from Jio Mart team
JioMart Team
  • If you enter pin code outside Navi Mumbai, Kalyan & Thane, u ll get a regret msg like service is not available
JioMart Order on WhatsApp
  • Please note this service is available till 7 pm. Below msg you’ll get if order after 7 pm
JioMart WhatsApp order
  • Please note if you are sending msg from Navi Mumbai, Kalyan & thane are then you will get a reply with an automated text with a link to select your locality and products from JioMart. That link will be valid only for 30 minutes after you receive it.
Jio Mart Whatsapp order
  • In case you won’t be able to click the link within 30 mins, you can send a ‘Hi’ again to receive a new link.
  • You need to fill up all the details like your address in the form and Proceed.
Jio Mart Whatsapp order address
  • Then, JioMart will show all the products available for order in your area.
Jio Mart Whatsapp Products
  • Select the items you want to purchase and Place Order.
  • Then you will get an acknowledgment msg on WhatsApp with the bills and complete order details.
Jio Mart WhatsApp order confirmation
  • The merchant will inform you once your order is ready.

How to Cancel/Modify your Order on JioMart WhatsApp?

Unfortunately on JioMart, there is no option of cancellation or modification. You can not add/remove/change your items. For this, you can contact your Kirana store before billing. Request him to change your order.

Currently this facility is not available. But once the JioMart app get launched, you will be able to change/modify your orders.

How can I get my Jio Mart WhatsApp order items?

So, for now, home delivery facility is unavailable on Jio Mart. You have to go to your Kirana store to collect items. There you can modify/change your orders, pay the bill and collect order.

It is expected that, express home delivery will be available on JioMart app.

FAQs on JioMart WhatsApp Order:

Q 1. How to Place Order on Jio Mart?

A: You can place order on JioMart via WhatsApp

Q 2. What is JioMart WhatsApp no?

A: 8850 008 000

Q 3. By what time I can place order on JioMart WhatsApp?

A: 7pm

Q 4. In maximum time I can get my order?

A: Within 72 hours of order

Q 5: How to modify/Cancel order on Jio Mart?

A: You have to directly contact the Kirana store to cancel/modify order before billing

Q 6: In which area JioMart Order is available?

A: Navi Mumbai, Thane & Kalyan

Q 7: How would I know that my order is ready?

A: You will get a confirmation message once your order get ready

Q 8: How get I collect my Jio Mart Order?

A: Need to reach Kirana to store your order

Q 9: How can I make payment on JioMart WhatsApp Order?

A: Cash Payment at Kirana Store

Q 10: How can I register on JioMart?

A: Read this to know Jio Mart Registration Process

Q 11: What is JioMart Customer Care Number?

A: 7000370003 (toll-free). To know more check How to contact JioMart Customer Care

Finally in a Nut Shell:

At present, you have to collect your stuff offline from the store. Also, make payments in cash, But soon this problem will get resolved. You will have to just place order on JioMart Whatsapp and wait for the products.

Jio has started this as a pilot project to only three cities as of now. But soon they will spread to other cities. As soon as the JioMart app gets launched, placing order, payment and delivery will be so easy.

JioMart is providing lots of benefits to its customers. Like ₹ 3000 discount on Jio Mart registration, get JioMart offers, promo codes, and many more.

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