Facebook Reliance Deal

Nowadays Facebook Reliance Jio deal has caught attention. Both companies came together and signed Rs 43,574 crore ($5.76 billion) deal. After this, Facebook owns 9.99% stake in Jio.

Reliance Facebook Deal


The Reliance Facebook collaboration is beneficial for both parties. Both have a very good user base in India. Mutual understanding will help them to boost their business.

i) Large User Database: Facebook, which includes WhatsApp and Instagram, caters service to about 400 million users. Parallelly Jio also has the same number of user base. In which some will be common. Both can enter into e-commerce with such a large usrbase.

ii) Order Via WhatsApp: This will give a good kick to Jiomart business. Anyone will be able to place Jiomart order via WhatsApp. Also, it’s a good initiative for Facebook. WhatsApp is not into business yet in India. This will also boost its business.

iii) Debt Pay: The deal amount of (Rs 43,570 crore) will help Jio to reduce its dept of 40,000 crores.

iv) Job Opportunities: Currently, JioMart is serving in Navi Mumbai, Thane & Kalyan. It has already on-boarded almost 60,000+ retailers. And aims to add 3 crores retailers to 20 crores online customers. This will create mass employment.


The collaboration is not in favour of the business giants. But also in customers. This will also going benefit customers. Though they will not feel it directly.

i) Reduced Margins: With the help of WhatsApp & Facebook, JioMart has a good user database. It will help to compete the competitors like Amazon, Flipkart, Big Basket etc. Hence it will reduce their margins and ultimately the prices for customers.

ii) Reduce Physical Effort: Jio-Facebook deal makes the order process simple. Anyone can place order on their cellphones. No need to open any website. Just connect to the local retailer (Kirana stores) and make order via WhatsApp. Later after Jio app launch, they will get door-to-door delivery. It reduces their physical effort for groceries.

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Q 1. When did Facebook & Reliance sign deal together?

A: 22 April 2020

Q 2. How much amount Facebook has invested in Reliance?

A: Rs 43,574 crore.

Q 3. What is Facebook – Reliance Deal?

A: Facebook is now owner of a 9.99% stake in Reliance Jio. Recently Facebook has invested $5.7 billion (Rs 43,574 crore) in the telecom unit of Reliance (RIL). It gives a chance to social media giant to firm hold in this growing market. Also, it helps to Jio overcome its debt of Rs 40,000 crores.

Q 4. Jio is subsidiary of which company?

A: Reliance Industries Limited

Q 5. What is the full form of Jio?

A: Joint Implementation Opportunities

Q 6. What are the job opportunities after Reliance-Facebook collaboration?

A: JioMart is the first baby product of this deal, also give employment under Jiomart Jobs

Q 7. What are JioMart offers and benefits?

A: Read here to know all about JioMart offers, coupons & deals

Q 8. In which cities Jiomart is catering services?

A: Navi Mumbai, Kalyan & Thane

Q 9. What is Jio Mart Customer Care Number?

A: JioMart Customer Care Number: 7000370003, read here to know more about JioMart Customer Care Services

Q 10. How can I make order on JioMart?

A: Once can make Jiomart order via WhatsApp


Reliance has good network in India. It has been spread to small towns and villages. Above all, it’s the country’s own brand. People have an emotional connection with it. So, it has very userbase. Facebook Reliance deal even makes it more beneficial for Reliance. Not only Reliance but also Facebook will be able to make a good hold in the market.

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